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Originally Posted by Armyissue View Post
Thread pretty much repeats variations of " boys will be boys. "
In the old days if you wanted to get a rise out of your counterpart you told them how much it cost.
"You spent $700.00 on a toy gun! Are you outta your fkn mind! " after that you won your aegs at game raffles. "Yeah i was like wow that's my number. Awesome." What she didn't hear was " 1raffle ticket $700. # of tickets sold 1."
I almost died laughing. That is gold. Maybe that's how I will break it to the woman that I have at least 3 other guns she doesn't know about.

She seems to let me have my fun but does raise the concern every so often that I am probably spending my money unwisely. But I think she doesn't mind it as much since my other hobby/profession is hanging out with hot girls and then going home to look at them for a few more hours. So in comparison, hanging out with a bunch of dudes in some field in the middle of nowhere all day is the lesser of two evils.
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