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fps limits
cqb 350
outdoor 400 for aeg and gbbr
450 for bolt action sniper rifles
lvl2 certified snipers 500 lvl 3 550 (the certification is offered via sniper clinics on this website, the host would have to agree to theese limits and the field would have to be large enough to allow for safe MED's minimum engagement distances.)
choosing a gun is really (for the most part) a personnal preferance and at the core most aegs will work and perform simaler to eachother.
best way to choose one would be decide what gun you like and what would work for your aplication ie you wouldnt want to buy a long m16 if you plan to play indoor all the time and youd likely want something larger then a pistol if outdoor games are where you plan to play, then find reviews on said gun so you can decide what brand of said gun you can afford but is still reliable
the laws are a lil grey but for tje most part you should be 18 anr older, you should not buy guns from outside of canada, you should not carry you gun in public, when transporting it should be in a bag or case, always treat it like its a real gun and not a toy and act accordingly.
always weat proper eye protection, even when target shooting.
eithet paintball or ballistic rated goggles or glasses.
when playing a game wear proper footwear and full seal eyewear not just the glasses type, also some sort of face protection is reccomended especially for indoor/cqb games.
there is a host of info fpr new players on this site. The FAQ section on here would be a good place to point them.
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Thanks Hectic,
While your posts are sometimes a difficult read, you sure are helpfull
Lvl. 3 certified sniper
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