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Just lost my long answer, so:

Is it your first rifle? If yes, get an AEG.


Because they have virtually the same precision (vs stock sniper rifle), but a lot more bullet and full auto capacity.
Because a sniper rifle is more of a drawback (slow and cumbersome), unless well tuned to outperform a standard rifle. Which is really costly. Say at least four times more the price of the weapon, implying it is fully upgradeable.
Because if you want that marksman feel, just add a longer barrel and a scope to an AEG, and it's nearly the same thing, except you can revert back if you don't like it (which has more chance to happen than the opposite).

Now, if you really want a precision rifle, accept the consequences and the boredom of it, and accept the financial pit that is one, I suggest reading a lot about is upgrade potential.

I'll let other use help you more about the last part.
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