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My phone call with customs

Hello everyone

So basically I've been having a lot of trouble finding a replacement px4 slide release , the only solution I have is a We Px4 Full Frame assembly with magazine for the same price.. Reading on ASC I read that importing frames is illegal. So I decided to call Canadian Customs and ask myself .

I told him that I play airsoft (he know what it was)and that the slide release I was currently looking for is out of stock every where and mentioned to him the Frame , I told even I could care less about the frame but the parts with it, because my marui is clear

This was the firearms section

He told me that it would not be a problem, I asked him if hey would let it pass and he said yes , He mentioned that if you want to import guns they need to be over 370 something FPS .. but besides that he said the Frame was ok, he also added to put in a airsoft related box

Regardless I am going to call customs for another opinion and see what they say

Your thoughts airsoft community

Thank you

I also asked him if you checked out the package would you personally let it pass and he said yes so

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