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Field Insurance

Hey guys, trying to get all the details sorted regarding starting an outdoor dedicated airsoft field.

Since I've looked into this for a very long time I know that Insurance is extremely important for having a legit airsoft business.

Just wanted to know if you guys know of any insurance companies in Ontario that insure fields. I have found only one so far "Holman Insurance Brokers" that insures paintball fields.

If any of you guys have any knowledge of field liability insurance I would appreciate it. Also if you know of average costs related to insurance that would be helpful as well.


Additional Details: Looking at vacant land 40-100 acres

Private Field for first year or 2

Other than a parking lot, staging & safe areas and the potential porto potty or outhouse there wouldn't be any buildings or structures in the first few years of operation.

Food & Bev would be limited to BBQ, or snacks (even though I'm sure I would need a license for that as well)
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