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Hectic, what's in your rifle?
My vsr had all PDI parts, laylax 6.03 430mm barrel, and firefly rubber. I was getting out to 260-280 at a mere 430fps with .3s. I never found a reason to go past 430fps, and it had incredibly repeatable accuracy. That and .3s start losing accuracy past 440fps, didn't wanna pay big money for .36s lol
Even at 380fps it was dead accurate out to around 210ft with .28s

Have you tried using .43s at 512fps?
PSS10 parts
Airseal chamber
Teflon cylender
Piston (not the zero one the 45* one)
Stainless first and seccond sear.
stock spring guide (couldnt find one at the time i built and havent had a need for it yet.)
stock cylender head
pss10 sp150 spring
510mm 6.03 inner barrel cant recall what brand i wanna say It was PDI or Promy but it couldda been an EDGI I know i had a hard ass time finding one
an its a TSD SD700 base (this is where most of the accuracey issue come from its still a good rifle but I need a good base gun to make it great) Im gonna buy a JG or Echo1 and put the parts in that once I find one and get my tax refund
It is prety pin point out to 250 ft or so most days with .36 or .40 sucks in the cold gotta run .30 cause the hop up is too hard in winter temps.
Never tryed heavyer then .40 tho id imagine with the fps im pushin the gun coud benifate from .43-.46 with no problem. tho it like str8 .36's the best from my testing. if i aim about 2.5 dots or half way down the bottom line on the scope i can hit a man sized tree trunk from 380-400ft and hear the twack of the bb, not verry practical in a game tho
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Hectic....FFS start writing in coherent sentences!!!
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Thanks Hectic,
While your posts are sometimes a difficult read, you sure are helpfull
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