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And you can get one more easily than before.
yes you can but it will he relativly useless in a game itll be accurate as hell but youll only be usein .2 or .25 and the range will be lacking against most stock (read 350-400fps) ak's and m4's and mp5's even at 450 fps youll max use a .36 thatll run 335fps or so and will only have about tue same effective range as an aeg (125-150feet)
i run 512 fps i use .36 at 382 and .40at 361 theese are both useable and effective to well over 200 feet close to 300 on a low/no wind day with nice teps above 15 to allow for good hop up aplication.
trust me im not the authoroty on sniping but ive done it long enough (5years) at 400 450 and 500 fps to know what works and what doesnt.
a tm vsr works great in japan where all the guns shoot 280 ish but the vsr has a much beter hop up and airseal then any aeg to be verry consistant but here against 350-400fps those low velocities are useless.
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Thanks Hectic,
While your posts are sometimes a difficult read, you sure are helpfull
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