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l96 will take the same upgrades just they are pss96 from laylax

sniper rifles are relativly cheap 150-300 for a decent clone like an echo1 or JG it will probaby shoot too hot out of the box 480-500 and will likely last for two or three mags befor tue sears or piston wear out/break and need replacing. Once you start swapping the sears if the piston didnt fail then it will soon after if its the piston that fails then the sears will fail soon after. U can most times get away without swapping the cylender or cylender head right away. But all the other stuff will he needed to kake a reliable and accurate platform.
otherwise your better off just runin an m4 or ak youll just be out gunned by most the guns on the field even mp5k with its pistop length barrel.
trust me i have got over 1000 bucks into my vsr and cause i used a crappy cpone (a tsd) i still need to buy a tm or jg or echo1 to put all my parts in to kake it more consistant. Dont get me wrong its gameable but 1 outta three shots pulls way left for no reason other then tolerances in my base gun suck so there is alot if plat between outer barrel and reciver and reciver and stock, for 7-800 you can build a useable gun oitside of that id say dont waste yer money on a gun that wont be useable against most stock aegs.
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Thanks Hectic,
While your posts are sometimes a difficult read, you sure are helpfull
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