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tm vsr 10 280fps out of the box verry reliable and accurate.
tho itll be nearly useless indoors and even more useless outdoors as every aeg on the field will out shoot you in range.
next option would be a JG or Echo1 BAR 10 but then youll need to swap ot tue sping for a softer one to hit 400fps then change the piston and sears and then it will still be useless indoors for the most part. U will get overrun quickly and get owned. Bolt action guns are not practical indoors. a spring shotgun would be more practical but for the most part youd be beter with a gas semi auto shotgun for inside at least youd he able to hold yer own with that.
just build up a 450 fps bolt action for outdoors you can use that effectively.
start witu a bar10 $200
a piston $80-$100
cylender $125-$150
sears $50
hop up chamber $100-150
inner barel $75-150
hop rubber $10-30
a spring $30-50
a spring guide $20-30

that would be your cheapest option for a useable bolt action
i recomend laylax PSS10 parts any set of steel sears are fine
and the best barrel you can get promy or edgi somethin along those line.
good luck!
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Thanks Hectic,
While your posts are sometimes a difficult read, you sure are helpfull
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