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Michael Lambert
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Hey Guys,

Michael here, From Bradford Ontario. 34 years old and just picked up entry level pistol. Father is retired Navy so grew up living on military bases and unfortunately the wife is not into weapons of any kind so the pistol is pretty much going to be low key for now locked away out of sight out of mind from her and the kids ( Three girls under 4.. lol )

Just wanted it to help with the lack of testosterone in the house full of Girls and dirty diapers

Plans thus far is to pretty much do some target stuff in the garage.. yard when it warms up possibly after i get caught buy something larger and get more into it after she gets the big apology, finds out its really not THAT bad and forgives me

So till then I should have my KJW P226 next week...

You would think she would have some confidence knowing i grew up around them, have a number of Marksman awards from both our gun club and cadets back in the day.. but nope she still ignorant to the whole thing.
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