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Originally Posted by dynomite69
there's no doubt that this is a fantastic idea. A place to go in the down town area wow. I was wondering what the cost of these skirmishes would be and friends of mine want to know if there will be rentals and stuff like that? One other thing though. Are there any plans to recreate the out doors at this location?
This is the cost model we are working with at this time,

Membership in TTAC3 $45.00 per month (prepaid for 6 months by postdated monthy cheques) Monthly membership, "pay as you go"month to month" $55.00 ($10.00 surcharge for no prepayment) you can also pay for 6 months up front or one year up front with discounts for doing so.

Members can participate in all TTAC3 regular scheduled activities, (so far, Tuesday night, Friday night, Sunday afternoon, and Sunday night)

Members will also get deep discounts for any special events that are scheduled, such as focused workshops, clinics, and competitions.

Non members can also participate in TTAC3 activities at a rate of $20.00 per session.

All participants must complete a short introductory course in safety, rules, and basic information before they may participate in "live fire" exercises.(including "skirmishing")

TTAC3 has invested in some weapons that will be avalible for rental, rates have not yet been determined.

Participation is restricted to persons 18 years of age and older, persons under 18 but older than 16 may participate ***with*** their legal guardian or parent present and participating as well.
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