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Everyone has got it covered but ill repeat for u.
Start with an aeg (m4 mp5 ak47/74 scar somethin like that)
A good bolt action is a vsr/bar10 or any aps2 system/l96.
If u buy a good BA be prepared to buy the rifle. A hop up unit a set of sears an inner barrel a piston and a cylender as a bare minimum. U should also get a spring a spring guide a cylender head (baisicly all u will use is the stock the reciver the outer barrel and some of the trigger assembly from the gun u buy)
estimated cost for a vsr/bar10 is between 600-900 in parts plus tue cost of the rifle and untill u take a sniper course u will only be allowd to use 450fps max so u will have little advantage over most of the aeg's on the field and they will have a rate of fire that will be non existant on a bolt action.
take it from a sniper. Start with an aeg play a year or two then decide if u wanna be a sniper.
i should also note as a sniper u are rarely going to fire a shot in a skirmish game. In milsim maybe more often but likely only two or three shots in a 24 hour game if u dont have a night vision scope.
welcome to ASC hope we helped u make a better choice.
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Thanks Hectic,
While your posts are sometimes a difficult read, you sure are helpfull
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