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Which Sniper Rifle?

Howdy, everybody. This is my first post.
I am a complete Airsoft Newbie (I own a gross spring-loaded transparent pistol and that's it) and am interested in actually playing airsoft. I've discovered the monetary difficulties of living in Canada and playing this sport, but I've more or less accepted I'll have to pay way more than our southern neighbours and have a much smaller selection.

I've been scrounging for sites with good selections and prices that ship to Canada legally and seems the best I can find.

I am most interested in being a sniper and am looking for a good sniper rifle along with a good sidearm. I would prefer to do as little modding as possible (preferably none), though with room to mod in the future. I've found the following and am wondering which of the following would be the best choice for the money, unless there are specific recommendations any of you may have. - A&K M24 Bolt Action. Cheapest, but not much information online so I don't know how good it would be. - Javelin M24. It's about $45 on sale today which is nice. Normally the most expensive of the four. - ECHO1 ASR. Not much information on it either. - JG Bar-10. This one I know from research is one of the better spring-loaded snipers. It's also the most expensive of these four (second-most before the Javelin sale) so if any of the above three are better for their price, I'd get those. This gun bummed me out the most since American sites advertise this for as little as $100 and we lucky Canadians get to spend $80 more.

Thanks a lot. Another quick question. Finding good sidearms for a good price seems difficult; how much do you recommend investing into a sidearm? And gas or AEP? Any specific recommendations? I'm sure these are basic questions but this IS the newbie forum.

Sorry for the long post. I've always sucked at being concise.

Edit: Another quick question, is getting a sniper rifle for your first gun even a smart idea? Because if not, I'd be interested in a CYMA MP5. Any idea how those are?

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