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Which store was this? this is very interesting luckily for me I've never met any douchebags that size people up and are super rude and whatnot. I guess I haven't spent much time in stores in Ontario since I tend to buy most of my stuff online or from the forum.

I grew up in Hong Kong and started airsofting there when i was young. I would hang out at UNcompany every weekend hence I'm pretty tight with the clerks and the owner. Maybe its the chinese culture but customers are usually very polite. Same with the situation in Vancouver at Airsoft gear. one of the main dealers in the vancouver area. I'm on friendly terms with the people there and all the visiting airsofters are really awesome and friendly.

it just makes me sad to hear about some punks who give airsofters a bad name. I don't want to bring out stereotypes but were they making fun of an asian couple? as bad as it sounds asians are still discriminated even though its way way better than before. I've still met pretty racist people in shopping malls and whatnot.
They were. I noticed it, very pleasant Asian gentleman and his wife/gf and behind his back they were snickering and one made a particular jester that was racist. Like I said before, I realize they're not the norm. But considering the fact that I had never been there before it wasn't a great first impression, again, nothing to do with the establishment. As a matter of fact I'm asking if turok_t is Viet because I would then know who he is and I would point out that he was great, good service, very helpful and polite. If it wasn't for him and the Asian couple I would have thought it was always like that and probably have never returned. But excellent service and the mature Asian couple made me feel welcome.

Truth be told though I won't go there again on a Friday night, I have a feeling it's worse on Friday's and Saturday's no?

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