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Originally Posted by Uberg33k View Post
That's the best word to describe what I saw yesterday. First off hello to everyone. I'm new to the world of Airsoft (The game) as well as new to this forum. I've been reading as much as I can to get a feel for the community as a whole. So far I'm pleased with my experience.

Last night however, not so much. I went to a local Airsoft store to purchase a couple of weapons. The clerk was amazing and nothing here bad about the store itself. What did shock me however was some of the clientele. As I walked in I was immediately 'sized up' by some ass-wipe standing tall brandishing a rather large hand canon (maybe making up for an inadequacy?), I ignored him and began talking to the clerk. After a few minutes in walks a band of brothers wearing full tactical gear, now when I say full I mean FULL. Minus actual weapons of course but still. They seemed to know hand canon guy go figure.

If that wasn't enough, they were loud and obnoxious to boot. It was clear from the paint stains on the one kids vest that they're from the paintball world but none-the-less they were there to purchase more patches showcasing their membership into their own clan I'm sure. Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining because they simply wore their gear, but these dudes were down right rude to the clerk, rude to me (skipped the line) and I witnessed them making fun of a gentleman who was there with his girlfriend looking at a rifle, making fun racially.

I watched these buffoons and thought to myself; "Isn't this the exact sort of thing that brings a negative stigma to the hobby"? Anyone witnessing these morons would be turned off instantly. I know I was. Now I'm not totally ignorant to this and I do realize that more than likely this is an isolated incident, but I shutter to think that now that I've entered this world, I too may be painted as one of them instantly because isolated or not, it only takes one bad apple, or one bad experience to destroy a reputation. First impressions and all that jazz.

Lastly, I also want to point out that I overheard these guys talking about this forum, hence this post. Someone please chime in on the wearing of the kit outside of the game, is this common practice? Have you witnessed this behavior before? By the way they were young guys and I'm sure that factored in, if you're a young member don't take offense as I'm sure most of you are not like that. In the end I bought two new AEG's and left happy. I just wanted to post this in the hopes those guys would read it and maybe change their ways. Yeah I know, wishful thinking huh? lol Thanks for letting me rant guys. :salute:
I was actually one of the clerks that he was rude to. Given that I represent the store when interacting with customers, I maintained my composure and didn't say a word. Let by gones be by gones. You will meet jack asses like this in your entire life, its how you respond to them that makes you a different person.
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