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Originally Posted by J-Man19 View Post
Not me personally: years ago someone was running a vsr10 (I believe) that was shooting in the 750-800 fps range at our indoor field. Hit someone in the cheek from ~20ft and the bb went clean through into his mouth.
Person was banned for life from joc.
That's ridiculous...

I've got shot <1" away to the hip/side ass wearing jeans. I believe the rifle was hitting 430-450fps.

It was pretty annoying, as I wasn't expecting it. Buddy wanted to see what it felt like to get shot with an Airsoft rifle. He asked me to shoot him in the leg or stomach. I told him he can do it himself. He said he didn't want the suspense of him having to shoot himself. I refused anyways. So as I turned to attend a build on the table, he shot me. I looked down at my hip then at him and I find a huge grin on his faces. While I stared confused and unimpressed at him he says "well I shot you, so now it's only fair if you shoot me back". That was his logic, I wasn't surprised to hear him say it either. In the end, I shot him back.

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