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Cadillac Commando - Where's my Tac Master?

Good evening all, I was wondering if anybody knew where Cadillac Commando (Daniel Poljack) has been? I recently sent payment for a TM Tac Master back on June 30th which to this date has yet to be shipped. He said it would be shipped the following week, but of course it never happened. What I also find odd about this situation is that he has blocked me from his MSN list and ignored 5 PMís Iíve seen within the last 3 weeks.

Since the sending of PMís regarding my item he has remained active, posted, appeared on MSN according to others, and went to a meet and greet so I know he has been around and would have seen my repeated messages. However it has been over a week now since he was last online. Another strange thing to note is that ďmanchovieĒ is selling CCís M4-S system for Daniel. Why he canít sell it for himself and make a post on the board is beyond me.

Unfortunately I hate to do this, but I had to go public and make the community aware of the situation. I am not labeling him as a scammer and I believe that he is a good guy and could be very well be experiencing personal issues. If anybody knows where Cadillac Commando has been or could shed light on this situation it would be greatly appreciated!
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