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I can't speak for other provinces, but here in mb what I've noticed is people who favor playing indoors only typically have more attitude than those who play outdoors.
Its easy to be good at xt, since its a maze, not cqb, so they build up their ego with that. And because there is a large supply of "noobs" at xt, the regulars sometimes think they are king shit.
But now and then one of those guys comes to an outdoor game, or we go to an indoor game and we put them in their place. We show them they're not nearly as good as they think they are.
One of the biggest reasons why outdoor players are friendlier is because we get around more, meet more people, interact more. And when we go to national games, either we realize how much we suck and want to improve, or realize how good we are and be humble about it.
The sportsmanship in the prairies is fantastic, I don't think I've ever heard anyone brag about who's won or lost at games
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