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I don't even bother with camo I wear a sweater and jeans (or just a T-shirt and jeans depends on the weather) when I play, and I'm usually on the insurgent team in mil-sim's so I don't have to dress up.

And for CQB I wear an paintball jersey and a pair of baggy jeans it's comfier and the jersey breaths alot better than a normal shirt, it's not like I need the ability to use a trauma plate.
Also in CQB I just use my pockets to hold my mags and outdoor I use a vest. Hell if my paintball pant's weren't over kill for airsoft I'd wear them.

For me it's a performance over aesthetics thing and I just move better in my paintball gear.
BTW it's Speedball gear if your wondering so it's made to stretch and breath.

But to each his own if someone wants to dress up I'm fine with it. we actually made my friend get a helmet (He falls to much doing stupid stuff last time a truck got stuck on a berm trying to help get him out off the field).
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