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Originally Posted by QUATTROISKING View Post
Considering I'm a constable for peel region police, it's not really dress up for me.
I would be embarsed if anyone I knew or if even my own parents saw me dressed up with extra fake gear, I.e. helmet, blood type patches , dog tags, fake plastic drop night vishion monocular, military/swat zip tie hand restraints, even talking like there is a Charlie at you're 6, there flanking us go for broke I repeat go for broke.
You could have simply said one guy behind us. Or there flanking us do you're best.
I don't look at people different or judge, I simply won't do it and I'm a constable graduating soon.
I carry what I need, and use, I have a dummy knife, my first 2 games I had over 3 kills with it already and I still believe its a little silly.
This is my own opinion about myself, again I'm not bashing anyone's ways or style or even judging them.
If you see a white dodge dakota driving around brampton with a rusted left fender, say hi. A lot of you guys like to hang around in that church parking lot on torbram and sandlewood lolol
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