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Originally Posted by Jimski View Post
I'd like to respectfully point out that if you read lots of good litterature it will come naturally
it's just difficult to find the time
Genraly yes I would agree with you, I do read alot of novles but the short answer is no it wont get better and worce as I get older. Spell check helps and when thats not available, Google serch bar. lol

And thank you for not giveing me the Learn to spell you dummy!!!! speach that seams to come up to often on the web.

On topic: Head the words of wisdom spoken here, just smerk shake your head and take solous in the fact that one day someones going to get fed up and call them on there BS and make them look like utter fools infront of every one. You and most other people know that thease types have no life and no self esteam so they fead off each others egos.
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