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Originally Posted by unknownvariable View Post
Is that not in and of itself a judgement?

One of the great freedoms we have as Canadians is choice and I choose to judge/question everyone. I also choose to judge myself more harshly. Also, as a Canadian I choose to keep these judgements largely to myself. Reasonably, if someone asks for my opinion I am also free to share.

The greatest thing about the above is now you may judge me. Whether you share it and how you choose to do so, well that is up to you.

Let's not kid ourselves. We make judgements every day (look up the definition). To not make a stand or you internalize everything seems rather disingenuous. To not question people and what drives them, their motives deprives you of an essential tool to maneuver through society and deal with individuals.
I was not saying "I" as in me, it is referring to "I" as in thyself, the reader.

You are certainly entitled to your way of life and your opinion unknown.
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