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Originally Posted by L473ncy View Post
I don't know what it is but it seems to be a problem with the tacticool blackgun guys especially.
That is your opinion and as far as I know it is a valid opinion based on your personal experiences. However, at the same time, your view of tacticool blackgun owners is not fair since it is not representative off all tacticool blackgun owners.

At my range one of the nicest and most knowledagble staff members is a tacticool blackgun owner. This person has helped me alot (how to clean a gun, how to maintain it, how to properly aim and squeeze the trigger, etc.). Also as a tacticool blackgun owner I do my best to promote a friendly and safe environment.

I am not in anyway dismissing your experiences with tacticool blackgun owners but I am saying that you are generalizing about a group that has many different types of individuals in it... like hunters (I also hunt). You do have guys with tacticool blackguns who think they are navy seals and look down on everyone else and you have tacticool blackgun owners who care about the firearms community and are very helpful and respectful people.

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