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Been playing Airsoft for like 20 some odd years now. I own an Airsoft helmet, worn it about 3 times total in the last 10 some odd years. Bonked my head a few times over the years, but more from not ducking enough versus slipping. And I've played in slick and icy conditions several times, including the partially frozen over ferry out in BC, to wet floor indoor wood and concrete indoor fields elsewhere. Good footwear and a sense of balance always seems to protect my noggin more then a helmet ever did.

Personally it more about a completion to a kit for looks then anything. And really half of the cheap helmets out there for Airsoft, have warnings all over their boxes that they are for low impact Airsoft use only as in a serious fall they offer no protection. So unless people stop buying the $50 clones and start spending more on their tactical,helmets your only protecting against minor bumps and falls.

Ultimately it's up to each and their own, wear it if you want. Complete your gear load out for the looks. Wear iqt to protect against that head bump on a window or door frame if you trip (your still taking impact to your neck and spine anyways). Bit do not rely on it as your sole protection, learn safe falling techniques, practice balance and slip recovery foot reacting and placement. It will cut down the times you need to rely on a helmet a lot.

That and I find a helmet fogs my goggles up to all hell lol
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