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There are also fat individuals who go to the range with a black AR with "tacticool" accessories, who are safe, can hit their targets, are polite, and considerate of others who are using the facility. Like me.

Also I have been using real steel for about a year now and I still have plenty to learn and I am looking forward to learning more. While I enjoy adding tacticool accessories to my black AR and using it in a safe and recreational manner (target shooting), I am not informed about all the firearms companies that you listed. However that in no way makes me rude or ignorant.

As for the jerkoffs at the store, they are just that jerkoffs and unfortunately they can be found in every corner of society. However as an airsoft newbie my experiences have shown me that the majority of airsofters are decent people who want to have a good time.

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Okay, you're mil so you might relate to this (I'm not mil at all but let me explain).

You know those blackgun guys who go to the range with their tricked out AR's and have that "Magpul ALL THE THINGS!" attitude (yet have never heard of companies like Noveske, LaRue, JP Enterprises, Nikon, Schmidt & Bender, Anschutz etc.) and are super tacticool "xXx1337 ghost shadow seal ranger delta sas jtf2 commando SF PMC 1337xXx" yet probably couldn't hit the broad side of a barn at 10 metres and always seem to be fatasses who couldn't pass a PARE or CF Express test or even get through one to save their lives? That's probably what those guys you saw were.

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