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Thanks for your replies guys. I do know that these ass-clowns don't represent the community as a whole. I guess I was just shocked at the blatant disregard for their hobby. We had guys like that join the Royals, it was always funny to see the very few that would make it through BMQ. We'd even have side wagers on the guys we felt would drop out. Most of the time they would do just that. But every so often someone would surprise us and make it. The funniest thing also is that individual almost always ended up being the most stout of soldiers. I don't know, it just bugged me. Walking around in all black BDU, vest with "SWAT" plastered on it. I actually did a double take when they first walked in.

The attitude extends to store clerks as well. I went to purchase a weapon at a different place the other day and I was treated like an FNG which pissed me off. Won't get into it, but nothing is more irritating than some guy fresh out of high school that claimed to have never fired real steel lecture you on how "I'd get pwned" <----- Yes he used pwned. lol By him and his "Posse." <------ Yup. lmao! But I digress. :P

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