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Most of the members here do not wear full gear outside of game, some members here are either current or retired LE or Military, some are from other walks of life. the two things that we all have in common are love of airsoft and hate for douche bags, There are ups and downs through out airsoft history in my time (since 89) and these times are the downs, with all the new players and easy acces to airsoft compared to the old days, douchebaggery level has increase to the level where some older members have simply walk away. Unfortunately most new players now have the tendency to run before they learn to walk.

Ultimately it's up to the new players to dictate where they want airsoft to go next, most of us prefer the quiet unknown stature of airsoft of the old where it's just a simple game between friends and like minded individuals with simple rules in and out of game, no politics, douchebaggery and other bullshit that exist now.

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