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The wearing of kit in public (my buddy went to the release of Battlefield 3 in full kit and was happly welcomed by the stores manager and customers) is genraly fround upon. many players will wear there combats (uniform not vest, holster, helmet exc.) to and from games just for the conveanince of it but when confronted by a "civi" they will tell them they just went or are going to an airsoft/paintball game. Depending on the proximity of the nearist paintball/airsoft arena some (most) players will walk over to buy new stuff with out taking off there kit. Iv done this sevrel times in Montreal at Action 500 but NO PAINTBALL MARKER WITH ME. The pro shop is next door.

The attitude those players had was dispicuble and yes it dose come up from time to time but in most cases its curbed in short time by the respective comunitys. We have "eliest" players in airsoft as well, I have been guilty of this my self in the past.
Dont let this insident spoile what is otherwise a grate comunity for you. get out to a game (provided your of acceptible age for your area) and meet the crowd and you will be plesntly supprised by the welcome you will get.
P.S. sorry for the shit spelling my first language is english, I just suck at it and theres no changing it.
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