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Your appearance and what you wear has not thing to do with how "serious" you are.

Calling out the other guys over what they wear is always a minefield in my books; it just makes you look a bit too queer eye for the airsoft guy.

The main advantage of a helmet is that it will stop BBs. Trust me anywhere you have a thin layer of skin over bone is not a good place to be shot.

Wearing camo? Maybe a good idea in the woods unless you like being the first guy shot all the time. Wearing a vest etc. great way to carry water and magazines and the rest. Helmets, boots, and gloves, all great ways to make sure you don't get a bleeder in the scalp, twist an ankle or fill your hand with thorns.

Stuff like fake GPS or CAT tourniquets is a bit much but I've never seen anyone around here with one so I"m not worried that I'll see one and go all over to the other side.
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