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Originally Posted by lurkingknight View Post
let me get this straight.

You have a fake gun

you wear fake police gear that says SWAT on it

you run around a facility shooting PEWPEW at other people who are like dressed, who pretend to die when they get hit to suddenly be reborn somewhere else in the facility to re-enter the engagement.

and you won't wear a helmet because you think it will make you look like a kid playing dress up?


I play so I don't sit on my ass in front of the tv or computer when I can be enjoying nice weather and better health by running around shooting my friends for laughs.

I have a team, but we're all like minded individuals who like to run around shooting friends for laughs. At times we DO practice drills to be able to more effectively shoot members of the other team for laughs.
Considering I'm a constable for peel region police, it's not really dress up for me.
I would be embarsed if anyone I knew or if even my own parents saw me dressed up with extra fake gear, I.e. helmet, blood type patches , dog tags, fake plastic drop night vishion monocular, military/swat zip tie hand restraints, even talking like there is a Charlie at you're 6, there flanking us go for broke I repeat go for broke.
You could have simply said one guy behind us. Or there flanking us do you're best.
I don't look at people different or judge, I simply won't do it and I'm a constable graduating soon.
I carry what I need, and use, I have a dummy knife, my first 2 games I had over 3 kills with it already and I still believe its a little silly.
This is my own opinion about myself, again I'm not bashing anyone's ways or style or even judging them.
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