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Europe is starting to warm a little earlier this spring

Aircraft are staging on the Autobahn
Planes Landing On Autobahn NATO Exercise "Highway 84" West Germany 1984 - YouTube

Old ladies and kids to cross the street with their bicycles as Bundeswehr drills in West German towns become almost normal.
Manöver.flv - YouTube

The Americans are repositioning the M1s in an effort to be visible and act as a deterrent to the Warsaw pact.

The Canadians are preparing in Norway trying to hold a position overlooking the entrance to the Barents Sea with their almost antiquated weapons. Thank you Pierre and the Liberal Party of Canada for the generous equipment upgrades.
Learn this well fellows. Over the years we have seen as many missions blown by shoddy land nav as we have seen disrupted by enemy action. You can be the baddest kung fu ninja assault swat sniper commandos in the world and still fail if you can't get to the fight.
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