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Originally Posted by kalnaren View Post
First off, when I bought my G8, I researched the living hell out of it. I knew more about that car then anyone at the dealership did. When I went to test drive it, I knew exactly what to look for (clunk in front indicating bad LCAs, abnormal vibration indicating out of balance drive shaft, and a few other issues unique to the car). So yea.. I do exactly what I suggested whether I'm buying an airsoft gun, a car, or a battery charger. An informed buyer is a smart buyer.

Second, all lipo batteries have a power lead and a balance plug. ALL OF THEM. Again, if you had done even cursory research into this you'd have realized that.

Third, the first thing you should do with any new piece of equipment is test it. Stick a battery on there and charge it (storing isn't a charge, in fact if the lipo was charge a storage setting would have actually discharged it somewhat... and the fan should have been on that entire time). You can't overcharge a lipo with a smart charger on the proper settings.

I fail to see how any of this is the fault of Toronto Airsoft.
Holy fuck! :O I'm actually buying a g8 gt.... If test drove 2 and now searching for one with low km and under 26,000km I also know a shit load about that car including the kooks long tube headers the under drive pully varam intake, and a tune from livernise. And after I break it in I plan do do a 75shot of spray. Along with the gxp rear diffuser and a borla catback with high flow catts. Then for the dash and the heads up ugly Atari gauges if already talked and made plans for payment to have it digitalized in blue. All the way down to fixing the problem with the radio where you have to go into the trunk and turn the dial on the factory amp.

Basically believe me I resurch the ship out of everything before I buy it, I figured buying what he recommended was a good choice with whitch it wasent.

Cheers to a g8 owner from a future g8 gt owner.
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