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Originally Posted by QUATTROISKING View Post
And please tell me o great KALNAREN how you buy a car at a dealership? Imagine they ship a car to you're house and give you the wrong keys. Then you post on BMW forums how they screwed up, and you get some guy on there saying you should have magically known just by looking at the key that it wouldn't work. Some chargers need the power and balance plugged in and some don't this one does, and he didn't inform me.
First off, when I bought my G8, I researched the living hell out of it. I knew more about that car then anyone at the dealership did. When I went to test drive it, I knew exactly what to look for (clunk in front indicating bad LCAs, abnormal vibration indicating out of balance drive shaft, and a few other issues unique to the car). So yea.. I do exactly what I suggested whether I'm buying an airsoft gun, a car, or a battery charger. An informed buyer is a smart buyer.

Second, all lipo batteries have a power lead and a balance plug. ALL OF THEM. Again, if you had done even cursory research into this you'd have realized that.

Third, the first thing you should do with any new piece of equipment is test it. Stick a battery on there and charge it (storing isn't a charge, in fact if the lipo was charge a storage setting would have actually discharged it somewhat... and the fan should have been on that entire time). You can't overcharge a lipo with a smart charger on the proper settings.

I fail to see how any of this is the fault of Toronto Airsoft.

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