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Do I have to dry-fire my AEG during motor height adjustment?

I ordered a new pistol grip (a black Magpul PTS MOE grip) to replace the original pistol grip on my CA M15A4 Sportline Rifle. Now my question is, after I install my new pistol grip, do I have to dry-fire the gun while I'm adjusting the motor height?

All the videos I've watched on YouTube in regards to motor height adjustment have the AEG unloaded and dry-fired during the adjustment of the motor, which I totally understand why. However, I'm concerned that the number of times I'd have to dry-fire my gun like that would be bad for my mechbox.

Is it okay to dry-fire the AEG for motor height adjustment, or can I have it loaded with BBs and adjust the motor height in my basement airsoft range, with the muzzle pointed towards a target downrange and away from me?
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