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So basically, what you're saying, is you did/have done zero research on batteries, battery connectors, and chargers.

Yes, they sold you a $120 charger. You wanted to charge LiPos. Welcome to the LiPo club. Proper LiPo chargers ARE that expensive. If you use a cheap lipo charger, you run the risk of destroying the battery. And LiPo batteries destroy themselves in very violent fireballs (google LiPo fire). You want to run lipos, you use the proper equipment or risk burning your house down.

Where did you buy a LiPo with Tamiya connectors? Toronto Airsoft? I didn't think anyone made LiPos with Tamiyas. LiPos are designed for high current draw... tamiyas are the archenemy of high current draw. Regardless, you should have confirmed this before you left the store. I wouldn't assume the connectors were the same, and most retailers are likely to assume you can do a simple connector swap, since it's pretty much a required skill in airsoft, RC, etc.

Now you say the fan never worked. Why didn't you contact TA as soon as you discovered this? It wouldn't have taken much for a simple "Hey, just got home, doing a storage charge on the lipos, and the fan isn't charging. Is that normal?" A quick internet search probably would have accomplished the same thing.

While it sucks your charger is busted, this is hardly Toronto Airsoft's fault.

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