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This charger has a fan it doesn't function never did.
I purchased this charger and a battery from TA, explained to him I know nothing and to show me what I needed to make the battery work 11.1v 1300 small lipo.
He pushes the most expensive charger they carry on me, explains to me it will work.
120$ later I leave the store, (Sunday night) get home set the charger to storage mode ( because I won't be useing it for a while till I go out and play and realize the charger has deans and other plug ins and not the Tamia (s.p.) connecter the battery comes with that he sold me. So now I'm stuck they don't open till Wednesday. I live in Bolton it's a 45min drive with 0 traffic. So w.e. I had to go and bet my battery and gun wired to deans from select paintball. Get home storage charge the battery, took many 5 minutes because they are pre storage charged. ( like I said I'm new to airsoft and didn't know this) now a week or so I go pull the charger out of the box and it gets very! Hot I mean hot after 10 minutes of balance charging the battery. Now I'm back to here. Just a little bio on what iv been through.
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