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If you come out to a good long milsim game most of it will be the "hide n seak" type of thing. I personnaly play the sniper roll most days and rarely fire a shot on those days (unless i screw up lol).
Watch the events section and get out to a game or two with the local guys here in the gta. Alot of the folks we play with are current or retired CF and LE guys and they are a tonne of fun to play with and learn from cause lets face it they should and do know their shit.
As far as upgrading ill also say aside from maybe a beter hop up rubber and maybe an inner barrel there isnt really a need to open up gearboxes and such untill somethin fails and needs replacing and by the time that happens youll have an idea on where if anywhere youd like to improve the gun.
As for the FNC get age verified and gun info such as where to fimd one will come to you easily but we dont share such info till we are sure your an adult ( not that i doubt you are just the lil system our community has in place sort of self policing if you will) but i do know G&G and Star make an FNC aeg not surd if anyone else does.

GandG for your viewing enjoyment lol
Thanks for the info. The version of the FNC I want to find is the mostly wood variant. It's the same one my Father used in the mid eighties. But I would settle for one like the above if it was the only option. As for the playing style I enjoy that slower methodical style of game. When we went on maneuvers at Base Borden, Meaford and Petawawa we'd regularly hold 'games' like that for training purposes. I even remember us hosting joint-force maneuvers with the USMC. Lot's of fun. We're trying to recreate that feeling with our games. Almost all of us are retired Military (God that makes me sound old but I'm really not... old. lol) so we enjoy that type of scenario. One things for certain this site is perfect for an FNG like myself. I've been going through the pages reading up on things. Great stuff boys. Keep up the good work.
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