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Originally Posted by HackD View Post
Let me tell you something.. i own a CYMA M14 Socom16.. and it's because i owned a G&P in whole, working condition for an extremely short period of time. 4 shots, in fact. Since then, it's just layed in pieces in the spare bedroom, as a bad taste in my mouth that i can't quite bring myself to get rid of yet.

G&P M14's have historical issues with the spur gear specifically, and the gears in general. If you are buying it from a certain local Toronto retailer that has the G&P M14 DMR .. be prepared for them to deny any recourse, should it just happen to grenade just out of the box. Fair warning.

The gears weren't the only issue.. the pot metal receiver also broke at the barrel.

I got the CYMA M14 Socom16 as an interim M14 while i tried to get the motivation to fix the G&P abortion. I threw the G&P's telescopic sight and K-A RAS onto the CYMA, and took it out for a few games. It's the rifle that i should have bought, had i researched the G&P M14 DMR issues first before buying.

CYMA has pretty good externals, and it is a reasonable good quality for a rifle, at the price point that it is at. Like any TM compatible M14, it can be tarted up quite nicely, externally and internally. The gearbox in the G&P was also a bit .. odd, as compared to the two other V7 gearboxes that i had. Some variations were noted in dimensions.

My CYMA has proven to be more reliable, than my experience with the 'up-market' G&P showed, anyway.
Thanks for the input sounds like their not half ass guns like some people say they are .. I have read alot of good reviews on the CYMA M14 one this I noticed was the bolt breaking but thats about it
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