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Thanks for your support guys, and I understand your question. I recieved similar comments on another forum, so I will paste in my reply from that forum here as well;

The comment was basically; "A petition is useless and has no effect (in general), and international names discredit the petition as a whole"


Trust me, the website and petition was the last thing I did in this project.

I have had an open dialog with the responsible parties within the Government, Parliament and Department of Justice since early last year.

This past june an update was made to the law in question and all signs pointed towards that it would be changed and updated as per our requests, but it was "forgotten" and left out...

The resposible parties are very aware of the issue, they have the paperwork for the solution but simply are not implementing it due to it being seen as " a small matter", which in the larger context it may be, but not for the Swedish airsoft community.

This is just the final push, bonus, icing on the cake, the last piece of leverage ...

As a matter of fact it has become clear to me that European and International airsofters are very much affected by this when they plan to come to games in Sweden (which host a couple of very big and popular mil-sims each year), they run the risk of actually having gas-powered airsoft replicas seized if they are unlucky.

So no, global support and awareness is not counteractive IMO. And many people fully understand the situation and want to help contribute.

So far the respons has been great and the comments people are leaving with their signatures are very interesting to read.


No, it is not about numbers or volume, far from it. It was simply and added bonus that I wanted to push this over the edge, domestic or foreign, it doesn't really matter.

The beauty of how this was done is that everyone was tunneled through the website, read and (hopefully) understood the information, made a conciouse decision that it was not right, then signed the petition and left, in most cases, a very nice and constructive comment along with it.

That to me means alot more than just someone giving up their name to a random petition online.

Also, judging by the signatures and comments, a majority of them are from Swedish players, and the majority of the overall names are from airsofters around the world.

It helps if we can prove that there is global understanding and support for the issue at hand.

The petition is not sanctioned or required by the government here to pass the law, it was my own idea and initiative just to have a little something extra.

I hope that clears things up and thanks for your time and help!

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