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When I say upgrade the player not the gun it basically means you could have the best equipment but still be outplayed by more experienced people. Sure it's nice to be on a level playing field but for example a new motorcycle rider on a tricked out GSX-R litre bike could still get his ass handed to him by a semi pro or pro rider on a stock, out of the factory 250cc street bike. That's because the more experienced person is more attuned to their limits and has a better feeling as to how to shave off a couple seconds here and there and by the end of it has made enough time to catch up and beat the more powerful bike.

It's nice to have good stuff but experience will make up for the difference most of the time. Hell, I still run an arguably mid/upper mid end gun and although sometimes I wish I had a few upgrades here and there for better accuracy/range I can still play aggressively and make up for the difference.

Another example; I bought a full Burton snowboard setup back in 06 (it was hella cheap and a great price) but I know that a semi pro rider given entry level stuff could whip my ass in a race or in a freestyle competition.
I see what you mean, however, I won't be playing a CQB style. I'll be playing on my families land in Meyersberg, over 15 acres, and I'll be playing with my fellow servicemen both current and former. We'll be playing a more open and stealth based game. Some of us served in the same platoon together and we've done this before. Sometimes we don't even fire a shot. lol It's not about the shooting for us it's the stealth, a adult version of hide and seek if you will.

Why go airsoft then you may ask? Simple answer, we're use to using real weapons in combat scenarios. I know it's NOT the real thing but it's close enough for what we do. Hey speaking of Canadian Military weapons; does anyone here know if they make a airsoft version of the FNC? It was the rifle my Father did his BMQ with and he'd love to have it as a collectors item of sorts.

But really, thanks to all whom has responded, I am a noob to this great world you guys have, I apologize for not making it clearer in my original post.
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