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Originally Posted by Uberg33k View Post
Thanks for the clarification kalnaren. I just wanted to make sure because I bought the weapon and it came with an "upgrade kit" so I was worried that maybe it needed it out of the box. Thanks again.
Bone stock, any ICS should in theory last you for a while. No need for an upgrade kit really, except for the sake of the upgrade kit.

As far as add-ons, I'll mirror what others have said already. Get it out to a few games first - eyeball what others have done that appeals to you ergonomically and aesthetically. If you are so bold as to ask nicely, many players will allow you to pick it up and shoulder it in the safe area to try it out for size/comfort. Airsoft tends to be a great show-and-tell for grown-ups, in that way.

Once you figure out what you want to do, is do some further research, and perhaps some online shopping domestically or from Asia.

Note - before embarking on a mods quest for your ICS - do your research first. For example, the threading (Real steel imperial threading vs TM metric threading) on the receiver for the barrel nut (of most) ICS M4 products does pose some issues for aftermarket RIS/RAS's with a metric barrel nut threading.. not insurmountable, but aggravating. This is one of the issues of owning ICS.

ICS kind of went their own way in some aspects of their M4 airsoft design, including some of the internals, and dimensions.
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