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When CTV reported the incident about two kids having bb guns in their pants
at a mall in Calgary,CPS requested"All though not illegal,anyone in possesion of thease guns to turn them in".I went to the 14st police station and had a breif chat with a sargent on the report.Their concern wasn't on airsoft but the chep $30 dollar store version any kid could buy.He said he thought airsoft was fine as long as its left on the feild and some common sense is used.He didn't feel that there is any reeason to ban anything.He also mentioned that any of the other CPS members he had spoke to felt the same.They actually wanted to try it sometime.

Yes this is off the current topic a bit,but what I getting at is there will always be negative stories to freak people out.

When it comes to informing the public,most people seem to think leaving it underground is the answer.I disagree.The more people know of our hobby,the more one sided reports like this will have a negative affect on most people.
At least people will have knowledge of our veiw of it anyway.The tactical to practical episode was a perfect example showing the fun side to airsoft.

I say get a profensionally well done advertisement on product and the game
for the whole community and introduce the the game as a legit sport to the public.People will scream and cry and many others will join and become airsoft gamers.But advertising should be done from club orginizers and not taken up by just anyone.

My 2 cents
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