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Originally Posted by Hectic View Post
Wow you are shootin alot of bb's. Are you trying to do a long term reliability test in a short ammount of time? I hardly shoot 1000bb's in one day of playing if you keep it up you may wind up killing the poor gun befor the season even gets underway lol
I don't usually shoot off that many BBs in one sitting (actually I fired ~2000 total that day); I simply wanted to get rid of the remaining BBs in the bag of Classic Army 0.25g BBs I bought a while ago (along with having a bit more fun than usual), as those BBs have this fine white powder to them that I feel wouldn't be good to run in the tightbore barrel I have on the way.

I wonder if I've added a good amount of wear and tear onto the Sportline internals by doing that.

Originally Posted by RaisinBran View Post
I use the same motor and internals except for the gears. Use the money for a motor to buy a set of SHS/Core or Lonex gears, the stock sportline gears are really soft and strip easily so upgrading the motor could strip it (this is just opinion)
I've decided to keep my existing CA motor and save up my money for a high-quality Lonex V2 mechbox, which is what I plan to buy when my Sportline mechbox internals wear out.
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