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Originally Posted by Drakker View Post
Depends on your aims.

Do you want a fun AEG to play with and use it like an assault rifle? If your answer is yes, the Cyma will do a good job.

Do you want a very accurate rifle that is one shot, one hit, that can also double as a sniper rifle? If your answer is yes, get a Tokyo Marui. It's by *far* the most accurate M14 on the market.

As for the G&G and the Classic army, they are the same. Classic Army cloned G&G. They are decent M14 by all means, but they have proprietary gearboxes and use proprietary, expensive mags. No one will really recommend those because of that.
I would use the rifle as a assault weapon . I wouldn't mind all the accuracy I can get as for saying the Tokyo Marui M14 the most accurate

Not exactly by the video still think the G&P m14 is better out the box

The CYMA has some descent accuracy too
CYMA M14 (CM032) Airsoft Electric Gun Range and Accuracy Test -ASTKilo23- - YouTube
CYMA M14 fixed accuracy test - YouTube

But what about going CYMA and later replacing the hop up and barrel not sure but could surpass the other m14s listed
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