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Originally Posted by K3vX View Post
Now of course if you want improved performance a neo magnet motor will be superior to what you have.
I know about the more-expensive Lonex A1 and A2 neodymium-magnet motors, but based on their description of them, I'd need Li-Po batteries and overall they seem to be too powerful for a stock mechbox setup.


I also want to ask, is it normal for an AEG motor to get uncomfortably hot after prolonged firing?

If I run down multiple mags (firing a couple hundred BBs for me) with my M15A4 in a short period of time (on semi-auto), my pistol grip gets so hot that it becomes uncomfortable to keep holding it. I shot the remaining ~2000 rounds of my bag of BBs yesterday, and I had to stop for 15 minutes after almost about 1000 rounds (went straight through seven 85-round mid-caps and two 190-round high-caps) because the grip was hot.
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