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Two things to consider.
This is a critical difference.
UCP / ACU issue uniforms are Inexpensive and real Army Surplus Uniforms.
Meaning they are tougher.
They are designed and built specifically for the type of actions you will be performing,
by the US Military.
Since most players are at outdoor PB venues with structures the UCP masks with the aged Plywood very fkn well. Starting with ACU UCP is not a poor choice. Its affordable durable and if your just starting You will get shot up because you are new not because your camo gave you away. But at least your pants didn't FAIL. (Renagayed) The Condor vest OD or ACU meh whatever, Coyote and ACU works together, its all EarthTones.
Thanks for the insight Armyissue and I do see your point regarding paintball venues and structures. This should be a consideration.
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