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personally if I was to have to choose a sport to stay in I would stay with paintball it's my first love the smell of the paint and fresh cut grass the calm just before the game the ref yells go go go the sound of ten paintball gun firing all at the same time the rush to the snake the running down and bunkering of people and people running down and bunkering me the massive moves the speed the intensity and overall competitiveness of it it all being dirty and full of paint at the end of a hard tournament or practice the yelling and screaming of opposite teams positions the thought that goes into each move the hilarity of some of the bunker name (Dorito Huhuhuh and it even said doritos and had the skwiglly line on it on the bunker) just the pure awesomeness of winning a tournament and the feeling you and your brothers feel when you lose you laugh together you cry together and you all love the sport together (cause god knows even if you make it to the pros it ain't gonna pay you bills) maybe it's cause I've always said paintball was destined to be play of a speedball field but I've always felt out of place playing woodsball which is why I took up airsoft it feels more at home in the woods but paintball will always be my first love I can never give it up

BTW the polar star fusion engine is basically a paintball gun able to shoot BB's works the same way with a board, solenoid, air tank, and regulator I'd just like to see them incorporate and Low pressure regulator along with the high pressure regulator allows you to tune for efficiency or smoothness or even if they could get it to run with a Super low pressure regulator on the air tank so it could become even more efficient

as I said earlier I will always love both paintball and airsoft and will never stop playing either of them I just wish for airsoft to learn from paintball's mistakes and succeeds (cause if airsoft becomes mainstream then paintball won't be so looked down upon either)

Sorry about any spelling mistakes and lack of grammer it's to late to care LOL
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