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Originally Posted by Aj619 View Post
Unhonst players have been cranking there velocities up for years in paintball I've been bunker by a guy shooting at 400 FPS now that sucks

I've also been hit by a monster ball at 360 FPS from about 15 ft away doesn't mean I'm going to stop playing paintball

I've played against plenty of cheaters in both paintball and airsofters including guy's who just don't call there hit's or wipe

I love both paintball and airsoft there are cheaters in both but I will forever play them cause there are no other sports like them
Oh wow monster balls for all those who dont know

Ban Monster Ball from all fields - YouTube

Another +1 for airsoft .. BBs cant pop and leave all oil/paint in your bag of 500 paintballs with need to be cleaned before use

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