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M14 Brands/ M14 owners help

Hello I plan in the future on getting a M14 Full length doing some research I found

CYMA M14 not to bad tons of grease in the gearbox/ Slow ROF / Motor Wires soldered on

Echo 1 - Is supposed to be a "rebrand" thats I hear echo1 is of CYMA .. with some Upped Parts and 2 Hi Caps

Classic Army - I found to be alright I just dont like the different color on the heat shield ( Its two colors)

G&G - Has a functioning bolt catch. Tight Bore.. Expensive Magazines

G&P Probably the best m14 but I dont like the hand grip not my style

Tokyo Marui - Dont want to spend that much ..

Any body own any m14s from these brands what are your thoughts.

Would it be better to go with a cheaper brand CYMA, ECHO1 and upgrade it

Or go G&G but the problem with that is expensive magazines... Bolt Catch is nice but not a necessity

Anyways thoughts, comments suggestions

Thank you

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