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Originally Posted by ThunderCactus View Post
dont forget some BBs below .28g will have bubbles, and those are never centered.
When you get your hop set as flat as it'll go and you see your BBs do that random banana peel out at the end of your range, that's not wind. That's the BB destabilizing and rolling in a random direction. It also means you need to be running heavier ammo to eliminate that peel out
Umm... All BB's have bubbles in them to a lesser or greater degree, that's part of the manufacturing process. One of the prime differences between a well made BB (BB Bastard) and a crap BB (Canadian Tire or Walmart brand) is that in a well made BB the bubble is always centered, and in the crap BB they can, and usually are, off-center, causing the BB to fly in weird flight paths regardless of wind or cover. This isn't really an issue of weight but of quality.
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